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FRESH Festival
Jan 7, 2019 thru Jan 24, 2019

TEACHER TEACHER- forum on the art of teaching <3
Facilitated by Raha Behnam + Abby Crain
with special guests from FF19, plus open discussion

This is a forum for those who teach, or those who think about teaching, or those who take class. We will spend time considering the art and politics of teaching, work that is so central and formative in the transmission of dance and performance as a livebody based form practiced in community. Raha and Abby will facilitate an evening of  discussion/reflection/think- tanking and skill sharing..with special invited guests and YOU.


Questions we will consider:   Why teach? What makes a class great or worthwhile? What are the goals or intent any particular teaching practice? Why is this important to consider?  How can we work to ensure that the values of the teaching practice are consistent in intent AND practice? What are the politics of holding space in a mixed group?  How do we design classes that acknowledge and empower a variety of experiences?What does radical teaching look like?What’s your favorite teaching trick? Politics of consent in teaching- ?  How do we design classes to honor and include mixed abilities? Music? Language? Who should be teaching? Who should be learning?

Earlier Event: January 23
FRESH Festival
Later Event: January 30